The Bride: The Essence of a Wedding

It’s wedding day… decorations adorn the halls, with a sense of joy and happiness in the very atmosphere! Children run around, some with sweets in their hand, and many relatives chatter away! However, despite all the action, the very essence of the wedding is missing from the scene: The Bride! She sits in a distant room, isolated from all the action. It is here that she transforms from “daddy’s girl” into a gorgeous bride!

The bride sits alongside many women who help her out with the task of getting ready for the wedding! She giggles from time to time, as they adorn her with glistening earrings, necklaces and bangles, which are intended to signify everlasting youth and good luck. Some glistening gold and ruby red, the jewels give the wedding an exotic touch!

The eyes of the bride however, reflect hidden emotions : on one side, the happiness of starting a new phase of her life, and on the other, the pain of leaving behind her family whom she loves!

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