Candid Father-Daughter Emotional Moments...

For a daughter, a mother is an epitome of discipline, whereas, a father is like her partner in crime! That is why, it is said that a girl is closer to her father than to her mother. There is a special bond that a girl shares with her father; after all, he is the first man in her life. And, she is always a little princess to him. Here are some very special moments shared between the brides and their fathers.

A daughter's marriage brings out a plethora of mixed emotions in a father. The excitement and energy of the wedding arrangements does make it the happiest time of his life. But, as the day approaches, the wave of emotions returns in full force.

During the daughter's wedding, memories that he has not remembered in years, now flashes before the father's eyes.

All his wishes are for her!

Seeing his daughter's orbit shifting to another man, makes it a difficult moment for a father.

Whether it is kanyadaan or walking the bride down the aisle, a father truly plays an important role in his daughter’s wedding. This is the moment where he officially places his daughter’s hand in the hand of the groom.

Two men in her life

The mere thought of giving away his daughter to a person who he barely knows or has probably just met, starts giving him restless nights. In his heart he desires that the new man in his daughter's life should keep her as safe and happy as he did. 

A serene wedding moment

Among the plethora of mixed emotions that a bride and her father experience during the wedding, here is a photograph that sums up it all beautifully. Their eyes are glistening with tears yet there is a calm on their faces and a faint smile on their lips with expectations of the new phase that lies ahead.

An emotional vidaai moment

As the daughter takes her final steps out of her parents' home, leaving endless memories behind, everybody sheds tears. However, there is one man who stands at a corner just looking at the little princess. He is the father of the bride! Here is a father-daughter moment during the vidaai.

Usually men are not the ones to shed tears too easily, but when they become fathers this is one moment that is sure to leave them emotional!

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