The first day at your first job is much like the start of high school or college—you again feel like a little fish in a big pond. Then of course you need to be ready to make a good first impression, especially since what people first think of you, matters more than you might think. And for Bhavana it was her first day of work at Wipro campus Bangalore. 

Bhavana say's "I remember walking in very nervous, struggling to find my way to my workstation amidst all the isles & cubicles all laid out like a maze. But it was magical to have a pleasant face helping me. He opened the door and welcomed me, showing me around and introducing me to the other staff members and finally lead me to my desk, I knew, I was already comfortable & feeling at home. Shankar had made my first day beautiful, with little things & his thoughtfulness. Something about that day had a lingering effect on me. Who would have thought that it would culminate in a blissful marriage!"

Shankar the cheerful guy from Manipur and Bhavana his sweetheart a happy girl from UP. They both decided to get married in Bangalore where they both work and live. The wedding celebrated both in Manipuri and North Indian Hindu style. 

Manipuri wedding is an amazing fusion of color and tradition. The bridal dress is unique. It is obligatory for the bride to wear the Raslila skirt (Poloi). 

Adorning the Poloi..this beautiful Manipuri Bridal Costume (Poloi) was hand made by her mom-in-law with great love & affection.

Behind the scenes

The most important of all...the Bishnupuri Chandan Tikka