Mom & the Bride...special moments

"A mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity, it dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path."

There is no love as pure and unconditional as a mother's love for her children. Truly special is the bond, which she shares with her shadow- her daughter. Her first teacher, her best pal, and a life-long guiding angel, a mother plays many roles in her daughter’s life. No wonder, the emotions are high, when her daughter steps into her own new world.

A mother and a daughter share a relationship that is truly unmatched- they fight, love, care and look after each other always!

In the midst of the wedding crowd, a mother's eyes are constantly gazing at the daughter, capturing all the expressions they can on her little princess’s face. Here, some of the day's most loving moments captured between the bride and their mothers.

She looks on!

Every mother waits for the moment when she would see her daughter dressed as a bride. Here is one such moment where the mother looks on as her daughter wears her bridal attire.

 “Blessed kiss”

"A mom’s kiss lasts long.”
Nothing calms wedding day butterflies like a quick kiss, knowing smile, or reassuring hand squeeze from mom.
This was just few minutes before the bride goes for the ceremony, the gorgeous bride and her mother sharing a moment of togetherness.

The sacred bath

In Assamese weddings the mother of the bride goes collecting the sacred water for the ceremonial bath of the bride. The bride wears a mekhela-chadar set presented by the groom's mom especially for this ritual and after the rituals she never wears that set again.

She will surely be glowing!

Here is a beautiful shot of a bride being applied haldi by her mother. The yellow colour of haldi is auspicious; so it is believed, it will add happiness, prosperity and good luck.

Welcoming the groom

The groom is welcomed with a traditional aarti by the bride's mother. Take a look at the twinkle in his eyes and the excitement in his smile!

Moment of bonding

In the midst of all the ceremonies, the bride makes sure that she spends a few special minutes with the one she is most attached and closest to. The twinkle in the bride’s eyes and an unexplored calmness on the mother’s face, make it a perfect click!


Indian weddings are filled with many significant rituals. Here is one such moment where a mother and the bride grinds the chakki wheel together.

The blessings

Blessings from the two of us to the two of you.

The heart-touching moment filled with mixed emotions!

"She never quite leaves her children at home, even when she doesn't take them along!"

Vidaai of a daughter evokes complex mix of emotions in a mother's heart. The tears we see during that moment are an amalgamation of happiness as well as of the realization that she will not be able to see her precious little one every day.

After the brides leaves for her new home, a mother stands still for moments looking at the empty path. Though her eyes might still be filled with tears, her heart is filled with immense love and wishes for her daughter's well being always.

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