Knanaya Wedding in God's Own Country

The Knanaya Christians are descendants of 72 Jeudo-Christian families who migrated from Edessa, the first city state that embraced Christianity, to the Malabar coast in AD 345, under the leadership of a prominent merchant prince Knai Thomman. They consisted of 400 people men, women and children, from various Syriac-Jewish clans. They sailed in three ships headed by a leading ship with the flag of King David. The Syriac-Jews were granted permission to engage in trade and settle down in Kodungallur by the then ruler of Malabar, Cheraman Perumal.  I had a wonderful experience covering this unique and beautiful Knanaya wedding ceremony in God’s Own Country. Thanks to the wonderful people who took great care of me during my stay & shoot. Hope you enjoy this album as much I enjoyed shooting it.

Shilpa & Sanju said ~

"Amrita really made sure that of all the worries a wedding brings along, the photography part was none of our concern. Her work surpassed our expectations, since we asked for a little different style of pictures that we saw from her previous work. One thing that many couples forget is the editing and delivery of the album after the wedding. Despite the distance between Germany and India, we had no problem at all to actively pass our input into the album. At the end of the day, Amrita held all her promises, and that is something that we value most. We can only recommend her work to any of our friends and family!"

The Pre Wedding 

My-lanchi Ideel - Beautification of the palms and feet of bride by the leaves from "Mylanchi" shrub on the eve of marriage. This signifies the purification of hands and feet from the original sin committed by Adam and Eve.

The Wedding Day

 Bridesmaid and flower girl

The Bridal March

The Wedding Ceremony

 The tall handsome groom waiting for his bride...

NaDa Vili - Cheers (NaDa NaDaaye..., NaDa NaDa NaDa) given to the bride and bridegroom while going home from the church after the marriage.

Vazhu Pidutham - The rite of giving God's blessing to bride and groom by the mother of bride by placing her hands in the form of a cross on their heads.

Kacha Thazhukal - A ceremony using a new piece of cloth given to bride's relatives as a gift by the groom's party (Usually to bride's mother, grandmother, and maternal uncle/aunt).

Many many years of happiness together to Sanju & Shilpa!!!


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