Love blooms in Deutschland

Deepika & Manjunath. Their story is the kind that makes you believe in soul mates…two people brought together by a common feeling and a bit of fate… an instant connection and understanding, that has only strengthened with time.

She – graceful, eloquent, self-assured. When she walks, her feet don’t actually “hit” the pavement. She floats.

He – sweet, loving, quiet and coy.The beauty of love is that, you can fall into it with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time.It happened so with Deepika and Manjunath; both working in Bengaluru who were sent to Germany for an on-site along with other colleagues. Deepika and Manjunath did not know each other as they were in different divisions of the company they worked at until Manjunath saw her first in the distant land. Her long, wavy hair was reason enough for Manjunath to get smitten and floored in the beginning which led him to many such “accidental” encounters until the day came when he saw her pleasant face and fell for her.
Being in love at first sight there are some things that happen to you. Most of us ... The more you try not to look at your love, the more you look at them.

During their stay in Germany, both the teams of Deepika and Manjunath did various short trips for sight-seeing, however it did not take much time for Deepika to realize that instead of taking those touristy trips along with his team Manjunath was seen mostly in Deepika’s team outings.

On one such gathering, both Deepika and Manjunath spent valuable time with each other and after many hours of talking and getting to know one another, Manjunath proposed Deepika for marriage! She immediately said YES as she had started liking him for quite some time now and was aware of his feelings for her.

Second, third or fourth. I remember the first moment I looked at you walking towards me and realized that somehow the rest of the world seemed to vanish when I was with you.”

It was now time for both to return to India and tell their respective families about the decision they took. However, like most love stories theirs’s too had a few hiccups … first was an unexpected extension of Deepika’s assignment for another six months in Germany whereas Manjunath had to return to India as per his original date, which means that they had to stay apart for some time.After six months Deepika too returned to her motherland and told her family about Manjunath. She belongs to a traditional Maharashtrian family and Manjunath is Tamil, and upon hearing her love story, her father was furious as he wanted his daughter to settle for an arranged marriage within the same community. His views and feelings obviously changed for the better when he met Manjunath for the first time and immediately liked him.Now it’s time for the BIG DAY! With immense love and affection from both families the newlyweds were blessed for a happy and joyous life together!Here’s to Deepika and Manjunath and all those who fall in love when you least expect it!

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  1. Love the write up on the couple Amrita! Somehow felt like I know them towards the end, I want to see them!

    1. Thank you so much. Happy to know that :)